Put simply, we love what we do

About us

Drummer TV is a multi-award and BAFTA winning production company established in Bristol in 2012 by Tamsin Summers and Rachel Drummond-Hay.

We are passionate about making character driven programming with compelling stories at their heart.

We look for universal themes that all viewers can identify with and find strong characters through which to explore those themes. We are known for accessing people living on the periphery and for immersing ourselves in their worlds.

We surround ourselves with smart people who love making TV and as a result, whether it’s documentary, drama, or entertainment, our programmes feel fresh and innovative – they have a sense of purpose but also a sense of fun.

We make a broad range of programming and have made programmes for Channel 4, BBC, CBBC, Channel 5 and BSLBT (British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust).  We want to build a portfolio with all broadcasters here in the UK and internationally.

Diversity is integral to all we do both on screen and off, and we pride ourselves in being one of the most diverse independent TV production teams in the UK. We are female owned and over half of our core senior team are women, 20% are from ethnic minorities and 20% are Deaf or disabled.

We value training and development at all stages of a person’s career and never want to stop learning and improving the skills of all those working with us. We have people training at all levels including 2 Apprentices, 2 Screen Skills ‘Make a Move’ higher level trainees, a Channel 4 Production trainee, a BSLBT supported trainee and some entry level Drummer trainees.

Tamsin Summers and Rachel Drummond-Hay