A passionate team making a diverse range of MULTI AWARD winning programmes and series

We are Drummer TELEVISION

We love to make distinctive programmes that people want to watch.

Drummer Television is a multi award winning television production company established in 2012 by Tamsin Summers and Rachel Drummond-Hay. We are driven by two aims: to make distinctive programmes with integrity that engage audiences through compelling stories, great characters, and honest insight; and to be the best company we can be, attracting talented, dynamic and ambitious people who can thrive and shine with us.

A great team

There’s nothing we value more than a great team

Whether it’s the people working with us in production, our contributors, the talent and of course our commissioners. We know the best work is produced when everyone believes in what they are doing and enjoy doing it. We actively seek diverse talent both on and off screen and look to invest in training and development for our employees wherever we can.


BAFTA Awards

Children’s BAFTA for FACTUAL: My Life, Boy on the Bicycle (2016), My Life: Mumbai Street Strikers (2018)

Broadcast Awards

Best Children’s Programme: My Life, Boy on the Bicycle (2017) I Want To Change the World (2021)

Best Places to Work in TV (2024)

Asian Media Awards

Best Documentary: Humza Arshad: Forgiving the Unforgiveable (2023)


Best Documentary: Summer in Lockdown (2022)

Best Presenter: Fifi Garfield for Sign2Win (2024)

Deaf Rochester Film Festival

Best Documentary: I Want to Change the World (2020)

Grand Jury Prize: Hope (2020)


Winner of Deaf Shorts Showcase: Hope (2019)

Japan Prize

Winner of Primary category: The Boy on the Bicycle (2016)


Disability Unscripted Diversity Excellence Award: Summer In Lockdown (2021)

Prix Jeunesse Awards

3x Winner 7-10 Non-fiction; Heart Prize for most loved film of festival; UNICEF special Award: My Life, Boy on the Bicycle (2016)

Royal Television Society Awards

Best Documentary: Where am I Sleeping Tonight? (2016), Humza Arshad: Forgiving the Unforgivable (2024)

Best Children’s Programme: My Life: Born Lucky (2015), Ice Stars Series 1 (2016),  My Life: Boy on the Bicycle (2017), My Life: Mumbai Street Strikers (2019), I Want To Change The World (2020)

Sandford St Martin

Best Childrens Programme: My Life, Boy on the Bicycle (2017)

Seattle Deaf Film Festival

Best Documentary: I Want To Change The World (2020)

X Tolosa International

Best Film, Best Director (David Ellington), Best Actress (Julia Wejnar), and Audience Award for Best Drama: Hope (2019)

Bristol Diversity Awards

Diverse Production Award (2020)