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“Throughout making this film Drummer were acutely aware of the challenges we face as a charity. They were committed to working closely with us to create an accurate yet sensitive portrayal of the young people and volunteers we work with, and were incredibly supportive throughout. The programme had a brilliant effect on viewers with nearly 200 people enquiring about opening up their homes as Nightstop hosts in the week after broadcast.”

Nicola Harwood, Associate Director DePaul UK


Would You Take in a Stranger?

Arguing with mum or dad is part of daily life for most teenagers but it’s also the number one reason they run away from home. If they can’t find a place to stay they’re at high risk of long-term homelessness and the first 24 hours are crucial. Nightstop, an emergency accommodation service, has over 700 families who help out while a longer term solution can be found. From families in flats to those living in country estates, people are deciding to put risks aside and are stepping up to take in the young and homeless for that one crucial night. Would You Take In A Stranger? follows three young people in very different circumstances who have come to Nightstop in need of emergency accommodation.

Director: Ben Freedman

Executive Producers: Tamsin Summers and Rachel Drummond-Hay