Born Lucky

Executive Producers: Rachel Drummond-Hay and Tamsin Summers
Director: Mark Henderson

RTS Award winner 2015: Best Children’s Programme or Series

BANFF Finalist 2015: Children Non-Fiction

A one-off documentary commissioned as part of the CBBC My Life strand

Joanne can text faster with her top lip than most people can with their fingers, can eat spaghetti balancing her fork under her chin and is on first name terms with her favourite band, One Direction. She is also one of only seven people in the world born with no limbs due to a condition called Total Amelia. For Joanne, life has its challenges – but so does everyone’s – and she’s never one to say no. So when the British Olympic Bobsleigh team ask her to help them in their campaign to get bobsleigh into the Paralympics, it’s an offer she can’t refuse.